When hypnotherapy can help :


60 to 90 minutes in most cases.


Online (Zoom) or in face to face (Hong Kong)



How many sessions do you need ?

It can take 1 to 5 or more sessions to `resolve` 1 particular `issue` depending on the topic and how much layers need to be reached.

For sure hypnosis is in the ‘fast’ therapy category, however I highly recommend to only consider how much work your mind is ready to do and not to put pressure on yourself in term of number of sessions.

Healing and growing is a life time work so one should consider therapy as part of his/her life journey and not feel any guilt to seek for support and go for therapy.

We can peacefully discuss about the progress and consider your own needs and rhythm.

What happens during a session ?

You will be in full control at all time and under a rather light hypnosis state as you will hear my voice and still talk to me along the session. During the session I will ask you questions and you will follow your own path according to what your sub conscious mind is ready to face and work on.

Is Hypnosis a tool of growth and not only healing ?

Yes our curriculum is also very good for self growth as it includes various tools to understand where you are in your life, past life regression (only when needed) and higher self for life purpose.

How to do online session ?

Sessions are on zoom and are conducted on exact same format as a face to face session. The online sessions allow you to connect from anywhere are convenient for clients who are not based in Hong Kong or who do not feel the need to meet in our center.

Settings of online session :
Make sure you have a comfortable position as seated, semi-seated or lying down. Make sure you seat in case you are tired as you might fall asleep otherwise.
Make sure I can see your face at all times through your phone or computer. Better use headphones/earphones so you keep the microphone close to your face during the all session.

The don`t

I do not work with clients who are taking anti depressors. If you take anti depressors, then please consider to follow your treatment and only go for hypnotherapy with your doctor approval and only after your doctor asked you to stop taking anti depressors.

Also I do not work with clients suffering from acute bi-polarity or schizophrenia as hypnotherapy might not be effective in such cases.

Testimonials :

I came to Laurence as I had left my company and it was hard for me to let go of the resentments. I felt stuck. In 1 session Laurence helped me to tell the important people in that company about my feelings and kind of make peace with them or at least say good bye and cut what was still connecting me to them. It was not easy to live those emotions but I felt so light and free and even powerful after the session. We spent 90 minutes online. We did this almost 1 year ago and I still feel very grateful to Laurence. I had never done hypnosis before and did not know I could do this. Now I feel much more distance with my previous company and I am doing more self work as I know I can do a lot with therapy. At my own pace. D.