I am personally strictly following the Usui Reiki original method from NPO Japan Reiki Association.

Reiki energy work is originating from Mikao Usui findings back in 1922 when he got mystical experience on Kurama Yama mount in Japan. Since then the Reiki energy therapy philosophy and process has been taught and also expended to various new methods worldwide.

How does Reiki work ?

I am only the channel for the Universe energy to help you balance your chakras through energy flow. I use my hands following the chakras positions and can do an in person session or distance session at your convenience. Both work very well.

What to prepare for a session ?

Is a kind of healing where client is not doing much. Wear comfortable cloth and just relax.
Preferable lying position.
The energy will flow at its own pace and will do its own work

How does online session work ?

On-line sessions are organized via zoom. You could eventually be busy doing something else while I conduct the session but most people like to be on the zoom at that moment so we can exchange some live thoughts and feed-backs.

How does in person session work ?

Preferably the client is lying and I use my hands to conduct the energy along the body from head to feet.
I can leave some distance with my hands if you do not feel comfortable to be touched.

What to expect ?

There is in no rule at all. Expect that what you are ready to experience will be there but no one can predict exactly. The usually outcome on same day and few days later are :

-Clarity on thoughts

-Dreams of departed loved ones or other kind of dreams

-Boost of Energy

-Fatigue (proof of shifts)

The don`t

I do not practice Reiki for other persons than my direct clients except very special cases of clients own direct family who are not in the capacity to express their will (to young or mentally and physically not capable).


Online – 30 min rescue session – 400 HKD

Online – 60 min – 700 HKD

In person – 60 min – 800 HKD

Payment before the session – Paypal or Payme




Mandarin Chinese


Hong Kong Island – Email me for details

Disclaimer : Clients should not stop their medications and is a must to keep going with the traditional and occidental medicine therapy while doing hypnotherapy and Reiki. Only client`s doctor can decide the process and intake of the medication and therapy.