I am following the EKKA curriculum of clinical hypnotherapy.

Under certification

Please liaise with me if you want to be one of my clinical cases – I am still welcoming 10 clients for free until July 2023.

Specific protocol applies.

When hypnotherapy can help :




Difficulty to make choices


Physical/sexual/emotional trauma(s)

Physical pain / disease



Relationship issues

And many more cases of positive impact.

How many sessions do you need ?

It can take 1 to 5 or more sessions depending on the issue and how much work and layers need to be reached.

For sure hypnosis is in the ‘fast’ therapy category. However I highly recommend to only consider how much work your mind is ready to do and not to put pressure on yourself in term of number of sessions.

Healing and growing is a life time work so one should consider therapy as part of his/her life journey and not feel any guilt to seek for support and go for therapy.

We can peacefully discuss about the progress and consider your own needs and rythm.

The don`t

I do not work with clients who are taking anti depressors. Please consider to follow your treatment and only go for hypnotherapy with your doctor approval and only after you doctor asked you to stop taking anti depressors.

I do not work with clients suffering from acute bi-polarity or schizophrenia.

Duration of 1 session

60 to 90 minutes




Hong Kong Island

Disclaimer : Clients should not stop their medications and is a must to keep going with the traditional and occidental medicine therapy while doing hypnotherapy or Reiki. Only client`s doctor can decide the process and intake of the medication and therapy.